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Steps To Enable Support For Touch Screen In Windows 7

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Windows 7 operating system was released by Microsoft in the year 2009 as the successor to the Windows Vista OS. This operating system often comes pre-installed on new laptops and computers as the OS offers better performance with multi-core processors and offers more compatibility with the new software programs.

This operating system includes many features that the average computer user will not need in many years of using the operating system. The operating system also includes many exciting modes that are only necessary if the user makes some dramatic changes to the computer environment. Among these features is the support for the touch-enabled monitors. If you are having a touch screen monitor or tablet, the user will be able to modify the Windows 7 settings to enable support for the touch screen device. The Windows support number tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to manually enable support for touch screen in Windows 7 OS.


  • Turn on your Windows 7 computer and then click on the Start button that is located on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. From the Start options, select Control Panel at the right side of the menu.
  • Click on the drop-down menu that is located near to View by and then select the Small icons option.
  • Select Pen and Touch Settings and then click on the Touch tab situated at the top of the window.
  • Select the box that is located next to Use your finger as an input device.

    Windows 7 Operating System

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  • Click on the Apply button to save the settings that you have made and then click on the OK button to close the window.

Tips & Warnings

The users will be able to have touch screen support enabled together with mouse and keyboard control of the PC. This can be much helpful if you frequently dock the touch screen tablet and prefer to use a mouse and keyboard in that setup.

These are the simple steps to enable support for touch screen devices in the Windows 7 operating system. You should follow these steps carefully so that you do not encounter any errors. If you wish to get further assistance on finishing these steps, you can contact the Windows support number for help. The support technicians will help you finish these steps successfully without encountering any errors.

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Microsoft Responds To Windows Store Fake App Issues

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Windows store is an online application store for Microsoft Windows, where you can purchase plenty of apps that can run in the Windows ecosystem. While there are many paid apps in it, there are plenty of apps free of cost as well. There is no limit on the number of apps available in Windows store, right from games and puzzles to social networking and news apps. You name it and you will be able to find a similar one in the list.

There are plenty of fake apps in Windows store, which is designed to trick users and dodge the money out of them. It was only recently that Microsoft nodded accepting the fact that this is true. Customers have been complaining about the difficulty in finding an app that they look for amidst all the confusing and misleading app names available in the Windows store. The Windows support number is open for all to get more information about this.

Todd Brixx from Microsoft in one of the blogs was trying to explain how Microsoft was dealing with such situations. The first step that Microsoft has taken is that they have intensified the certification process to ensure that the apps’ name is clear. They make sure that the app’s name and the description in all possible ways reflect the intension building that particular app. Other things like the category in which the app belongs to should be accurate and it is important to see that the icon used is not repeated. All these are some of the features that Microsoft looks into for the app to be certified.

Fake Apps

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The Windows store catalogue has also been revised by Microsoft, they are finding out apps that do not comply with the certification and the ones whose names are misleading. While the apps were revised, it seems that there were over 1500 such apps removed which were found to be misleading. The best thing is that Microsoft has promised a refund for all the users dodged by these people. Call up the Windows support number to know more on this.

There have been many issues since Microsoft allowed many apps that were poor in quality. Microsoft is having a tough time catching up with these flaws in the Windows store. Feedbacks and reports from users are accepted, while Microsoft tries its best to get rid of fake apps in the store.

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Finding Windows Technical Support Number From Various Sources

Support Number

Technical Support Number

When you have any issues with your computer, you would definitely need help and go haywire in case the issue is serious. This is when you would look for the support number for technical help. In other cases like installing a new device, installing new software, configuring email accounts, or if you have a brand new computer, which need some assistance to get started, you will need technical help. For computer related issues and queries, you need to know the Windows support number.

The web browser comes to your rescue when you search for such things. It is relatively very easy to get the tech support number online with the help of search engines. This article would highlight some of the facts unheard of and would break a few myths about the top search pages. The myth about search results is that only the very first search page would assure good quality links.

Launch the web browser that you use by default such as Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. When you open your browser, you would find the search engine by default. Mostly this would be Google, apart from that there are other search engines such as MSN, Ask, Bing and many more. The search engine in the web browser entirely depends on the default search engine that you have set.

To start the search for the tech support number, enter the following in the search bar- Windows technical support number. Hit enter or click on the Search button on the search engine. This will immediately throw a number of results on the same page. If you look into the search result page, you would notice that there are some other search results to the left and right of the page. The two type of results found in these two columns are either sponsored or non-sponsored.

Tech Support

Windows Tech Support

There is a tendency to click on a random link thinking that the services provided would be good, which is wrong. This is one of the facts unknown to people, that most of the results that appear on the first page are sponsored. Moreover, since they are sponsored, some of the companies and services remain in the top result page irrespective of the quality of services offered.

The best way to make sure that the service provider is genuine is to look into the prices and the services individually. Look into the contents of the page; check the tone and every little detail possible. If the page looks fine in all these contexts, you can go ahead with the same. Even then, if you are unable to fix the issues, contact our Windows support number for apt assistance.

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Resolving Windows 7 Error Code 7

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Even though it has been several years since the Windows 7 operating system was introduced, it is still one of the most popular Oss. There were many advanced features introduced which made work easier for people. Some of the users ran into issues with Windows 7 updates for which they used the Update Utility in Windows.

First, download and install the entire set of updates, for which you need to open the Windows Update Utility. This utility will make sure that the computer is up-to-date. Since this would take some time, you need to wait until the update completes. At the end of the update, the computer would prompt for a restart. Reboot the computer accordingly before moving to the next step. Check if you find any errors after reboot, in case you find any errors, then move forward with the troubleshooting steps. You can ask for help from the Windows support number.

Download the software PC Cleaner Pro from the internet either from the Microsoft’s official website or from any other website that is safe. Save the downloaded file to the computer, and remember the location where you save it. By default, you would find these files in the Download folder. Locate this file in the computer and double click on the file PC_Cleaner_Pro.exe to execute. From the prompt that you get, click on the Run button. Follow the onscreen instructions accordingly to complete the installation.

Windows Update Utility

          Windows Security Utilities

In case this does not solve the issue, click on the Start button on the desktop and open the command Prompt. To find the same in the Start menu, type cmd in the Search area, click on the first option from the list of suggestions. This opens the command prompt window with a white cursor blinking. Type ‘bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu no’ and then hit Enter to execute the command. This command can be used when you have one Windows operating system installed in the computer only. This command does not work on computers that have multiple operating systems. For the changes to become effective, reboot the system once again.

Check if there are any issues, if there are any, then download and run the CCleaner or any other registry cleaner. However, there are many registry cleaners to choose from- paid or free software. Save the file and install it on the computer. When the installation is complete, double click on the software to run a scan on the computer to look for registry keys that are corrupted. At the end of the scan, click on the Fix button to fix all the errors listed. Reboot the computer if necessary.

In case you are still not able to fix the issues, find further help for Windows update Utility from our Windows support number, which you would find in the support column of our website.

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Chinese Government Bans Windows 8 In Their Offices


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Windows 8, the much-awaited operating system from Microsoft, was released last year and is an operating system that contains many new features and characteristics. However, in order to promote Windows 8 OS, the tech giant has stopped giving support to Windows XP operating system and it was not well greeted by users of Windows XP. The decision of ending support to Windows XP had a disastrous effect on the XP users especially in China. Because of the security concerns and lack of support to the older versions of Windows OS, the Chinese government has decided to ban the installation of the latest OS in their offices.

A major portion of the computer users and the government offices employ this 13-year-old operating system for professional as well as home purposes. According to the information from Windows support number, with the end of support, Windows XP computers will no longer receive any security updates or patches, which will ultimately cause the system to be inefficient. However, many third party companies have promised to provide Windows XP support. The state owned Xinhua news agency reports, “The Chinese government obviously cannot ignore the risks of running OS without guaranteed technical support. It has moved to avoid the awkwardness of being confronted with a similar situation again in future if it continues to purchase computers with foreign OS.”

What about Linux?

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According to the reports by Xinhua news agency, an advisory has been issued by the Central Government Procurement Centre, which states that the organizations can buy any tablets, desktops, laptops of any operating system other than Windows 8. This decision by the Chinese government will be a huge setback for Microsoft, as they are the largest buyer of software in the country of China. In China, Windows XP constitutes about 70 percent of the market share and the authorities have warned the organizations about the possible threats of running an OS that do not have regular security patches or updates. However, rather than going for the expensive OS upgrade, the Chinese government will opt for some alternative solutions.

These all resulted in the introduction of domestically made operating system like StartOS or the recently released China OS or Ubuntu Kylin. These operating systems are mainly based on the Linux kernel. Moreover, there are many developments going on even more projects based on Linux. However, when looking at the past, these open source alternatives had very little success in a country like China.

For more news and information regarding this, contact Windows support number.

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