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Windows Azure Gets Streamlined Features Through Latest Update

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Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform offered by Microsoft. Unlike OneDrive, which is the public cloud computing platform, Windows Azure is designed for app developers. Windows Azure service is availed to the users via data centres managed by Microsoft. Of late, Microsoft has introduced a slew of features to its Windows Azure platform. Reports indicate that some of the features include autoscale improvement, notification hub and SQLServer AlwaysOn support.

Common themes for latest Windows Azure features

Interestingly, the new features that have been added to Windows Azure share common themes. This includes an improved focus on automation. Microsoft informed Azure users through its Windows Support number facility that its default search engine Bing employs Azure notification option for news updates and other services.

When SQL Server Always On support was rolled out to Azure earlier, the service was equipped with limited features like disaster recovery. Now, the latest update has contributed towards boosting the Azure features, especially the SQL Server support. After installing the latest update, Windows Azure users will be able to recover their data from database failover, configuration errors and replicas.

Improved notification feature in Windows Azure

Another major feature added to Windows Azure through the recent update is the improvement of notifications option. According to the experts who answer queries through Windows support number, this feature would mainly benefit developers of mobile applications. Mobile app developers need to handle a large number of push notifications. They are required to handle them in low-latency manner. The improved notification feature with Windows Azure simplifies this and helps app developers do this effectively. The best example of how the Notification feature can be effectively used is Bing. Bing uses this option for publishing news updates.

Auto-scaling feature with Windows Azure

Cloud Computing Platform

Windows Azure

Another remarkable feature added to Windows Azure via the latest update is the auto-scaling option. The auto-scaling feature with Windows Azure helps in improving the performance and cutting down the cost through pre-determined rules and schedules. Obviously, mobile app developers could benefit immensely through this streamlined service.

Microsoft assures frequent updates for Windows Azure

Microsoft has also assured Windows Azure users that it would roll out frequent updates to the cloud computing platform. Users need not worry about any technical issues while using the service. They can contact Microsoft help desk for assistance whenever something goes wrong.

Windows Azure is one of the most successful services from Microsoft at present. The latest update will certainly boost its reputation among app developers.

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Microsoft Releases Affordable Notebooks To Compete With Chromebooks

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Are you confused on deciding if you need a Chromebook or a Windows laptop? If you are attracted to the Chromebook as it is cheaper, well it might not be. There are already many cheap Windows laptops, and Microsoft says that the users will see even more cheap models of notebooks from partners including HP, Acer, and Toshiba, on time for the holiday season.

As per The Verge, Microsoft is taking on Chromebooks directly and this suggests that Windows devices can offer more value for similar prices. Even though the Chrome operating system fans might argue that sometimes, less is more.

Microsoft said that we should expect to see a 2.4-pound Toshiba notebook with 11.6-inch display, a 32 GB solid-state drive, and a 249 dollars price tag this holiday season. There is also a 250 dollars Acer Aspire ES1 notebook with 15.6-inch display. This device has a hard drive capacity of 500 GB. HP is said to be working on 7 and 8 inch Stream devices that could sell for 99 dollars. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows support number.

As Microsoft has pointed out, there are many things that the user can do on a Windows machine and cannot on a Chromebook. In a Windows machine, you will be able to run the full version of Microsoft Office; just make sure that the printer and other peripheral devices will support your device, and run the native Windows apps. The user will also be able to install the Chrome web browser and do almost anything that he would be able to do on the Chromebook.

Native Windows Apps

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However, some of the other key selling points of Microsoft are not completely true. As per Microsoft, the user will be able to use some Chrome web apps even without Internet, Microsoft Office Web Apps or Google Drive for some document editing jobs, or even load Debian, Ubuntu or other Linux distribution if you want the desktop apps.

Meanwhile, Chromebook tends to boot quickly and provides a secure platform, as the apps run in a sandboxed environment. The peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that all of your data is backed up on cloud so that you can pick up where you left off just by logging into some other computer is worth the hype. If you wish to know more on affordable notebooks from Microsoft, you can contact the Windows support number.

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Major Update To Remote Desktop Preview App Streamlines Its Features

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Imagine how it would be if you could control your PC with your smartphone? Doubtlessly, it is a great idea. But, it is no more an idea but a reality. Yes, Microsoft has released a Remote Desktop Preview app on its Windows Phone. So, now you can control your PC remotely from your smartphone. The app has been there for quite some time but it is the recent update that made it popular. The recent update Microsoft rolled out to Remote Desktop Preview app has addressed the bugs that troubled the app in the past. Moreover, the update can help you resize your smartphone’s virtual keyboard in accordance with its display.

Microsoft requests users’ feedback about Remote Desktop Preview app

It seems that Microsoft is looking forward to hearing from users about how they felt like using the Remote Desktop Preview App. The app could not lure many users after its initial release. But the first update has streamlined its features and eliminated the annoying problems it had from the start. In order to reach out to maximum number of users and get their feedback, the tech giant has launched an online forum called UserVoice Page and Windows support number. Users are encouraged to visit this page and leave their valuable feedback and suggestions.

In a recent blog post, the Redmond based company said that it was looking forward to hearing from the users across the world. The software giant assured users that it would do all the possible steps to improve the features of the app. If anyone finds that a particular feature with Remote Desktop Preview app is not up to the mark, he could inform Microsoft about it via the UserVoice Page. The company said that a special team had been elected to review the suggestions left by users in the UserVoice page.

Windows Support Number

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Microsoft asks users to inform the company about how they use the app

In addition to requesting the users for their suggestions and feedback, the tech giant has also asked them to inform the company about the way they use their Remote Desktop App. Some might find the app useful to control their Home PC while for others, the office systems. Microsoft says it can improve the App features based on how users use the app.

Besides the UserVoice page, the Redmond giant has launched a Windows support number through which users can talk to Microsoft support agents. Obviously, the steps taken by the tech giant deserve appreciation. Let us expect similar initiatives by Microsoft to improve all its products and services.

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Windows 7 Mainstream Support To End On January 2015

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           Features Of Windows OS

After the end of support for Windows XP operating systems, many customers have enquired about the end of support date for other operating systems like Windows 7. Keep in mind that Windows XP had a huge market share even when the extended support ended. According to Windows support number, the next in the line is Windows Vista. The date for the end of extended support for this operating system is April 11, 2017. However, this operating system runs in less than 3 percent of computers around the world and therefore, many users would not be troubled by this end of support.

Now, a large number of customers could come under trouble when Microsoft ends the support for its all time favorite operating system, Windows 7. This is because Windows 7 runs on more than fifty percent of computers around the world. The end of mainstream support for the operating system is January 13, 2015. However, you need not worry about the end of mainstream support. The only major thing you would miss from Microsoft after the end of mainstream support is the ‘no charge incident support’. That is, you would have to pay the software giant, when you encounter an issue with the operating system after the end of mainstream support.

The extended date of support for Windows 7 operating system is set on January 14, 2020. This means, the operating system would receive security updates, patches and other bug fixes for the next 6 years without troubles. When it comes to the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8.1, the end of mainstream support date is set for January 9, 2018. The last date for the extended support is January 10, 2023. This means, if you are running a big business house, it is ideal to upgrade to Windows 8.1, as this operating system will receive three more years of support when compared to Windows 7.

Windows 8.1

             Windows OS Upgrade

According to Windows support number, all the existing Windows XP users should upgrade their operating systems as soon as possible. This is because running an unsupported operating system could be dangerous, as hackers could easily break into the systems and steal vital information. Keep in mind that as Microsoft will no longer release bug fixes, the operating system could come under attack from various corners. Therefore, if you are still running the outdated operating system, upgrade it today so that your important files remain safe and secure.

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Add SATA Drivers To Windows XP

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       Windows Xp Does Not Support Sata

Windows XP does not support SATA unlike Windows Vista and Windows 7, because SATA was developed after XP was released. You will have to install appropriate drivers for the same. You can call up the Windows support number in case you have questions about the drivers.

Preparing The Floppy Disk

  • You will have to log in to a different computer. Now open the Web Browser to get to the computer manufacturer’s official website or the motherboard’s official website.
  • You will have to give the available Information about the Product so that you can move to the Download page.
  • Select the operating system as Windows XP and the category as Drivers. Look for the drivers that support SATA. Download the whole package to the computer.
  • The download file would mostly be a Zip File, in order to open the drivers; you will have to extract the files. Double Click on the Downloaded file to extract them to the Hard Disk.
  • When you try to extract, it might Prompt you to Install them. Do not choose to install the drivers, as we are not going to install the drivers into the current computer.
  • Click on the Start menu, click on Search, and now click All Files And Folders. Type in the space provided in the first field as *.inf. Now expand the Look into field to include all of C.
  • Expand the More Advanced Options, check Search System Folders option, check the Search Hidden Files And Folders and then Search Subfolders, finally click on Search.
  • In the results, locate the files that are extracted. You would find the files either in the Temp or in the AppData folders.
  • Insert a floppy disk into the drive. Drag and drop into the Floppy disk icon.

    Windows Xp

              Windows Xp Released In 2001

Install The OS Along With The SATA Drivers

  • Switch On the computer for which you are about to download the drivers. Now Insert the XP OS CD into the system.
  • When Prompted, press Any Key on the keyboard to boot from the disk.
  • Now press F6 and Insert the floppy disk into the floppy disk drive. You will have to press the letter S to continue and then press Enter.
  • Select the right Raid Controller from the options. To load drivers press Enter. To complete downloading the drivers, follow the Onscreen Instructions.

If you are not able to do this successfully, you can get help by calling up the Windows support number.

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