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Windows Support System is a malware that is promoted through misleading campaigns and is generally performed by fake Microsoft company safety Essentials Alert. Even though it looks like a skilled plan that is suggested by Microsoft, in fact, it is a standard rogue anti-spyware that foolishly seeks to market fake licensed versions. Trojans that bombard users with Microsoft company safety Essentials Alert make a misleading impression that the program has safety issues that should be eliminated. The users will be asked to neutralize the infection and for this, they will be asked to setup a no cost trial edition of the fake Windows Support System.

Most of the computer users who have currently been advised to setup a no cost edition of it may not have a clue how this Microsoft company safety Essentials Alert Trojan infected their computer. In reality, all this can be done through safety vulnerabilities that are discovered during the scan. When on board, these misleading campaign starts with bogus safety messages that provide the users with completely misleading data. This will not be a good option to eliminate these viruses. The only sensible solution that you can perform is to eliminate the Trojan out of your computer. An additional suggestion would be to disregard all the messages that are given by this fake antivirus program.

If you have bought any antivirus from these fake antivirus providers, you can get in touch with your credit card company to dispute these charges. You can also contact the Windows support number to get rid of this infection. The steps to remove Windows Support System are explained below in this article. You may follow these steps religiously to get rid of the system from your PC.

Microsoft Company Safety Essentials

     Microsoft Company Safety Essentials


  • Restart the computer and stop the Rogue Virus processes.
  • Remove HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NTCurrentVersion \ Winlogon “Shell” = ‘%UserProfile%Application Data[random].exe. These are the Rogue Virus Registry entries.
  • Move to the directory of the rogue virus and remove %UserProfile%\Application Data\[random].exe.
  • After deleting the registry entries of the rogue viruses, you can download an automatic virus removal tool or some antivirus program and then run a full system scan to ensure that your computer is safe.

These are the steps to remove the bogus antivirus program from your computer. If you have doubts in any of the steps that are discussed below, you can contact the Windows support number for further assistance on the virus removal process.

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Omni Tech Support Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Omni Tech support offers all round support for Windows 7. See how to create keyboard shortcuts in your Windows 7 computer here:

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Microsoft Might Drop The Charms Bar From Their Next Desktop OS

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After months and months of tweaking and releasing updates, it has now become obvious to Microsoft that they have to go back to the old Desktop UI, if they want anyone to buy their next operating system. Of course, the metro UI is great on a small touch screen device like a tablet or a smartphone, but on desktop computers, it was not at all user-friendly.

According to some recent rumors, Microsoft will go back to the Windows 7 model with their next operating system. They have not issued any official statement about this, but these rumors will surely keep the Windows support number lines busy for the time being.

What the next Windows Desktop OS will look like?

To be clear, the Charms bar and most of the Metro UI elements will remain where they are now in the tablet and smartphone versions of Windows 8. Reports say that the next Windows OS for such devices will follow the same interface with some small changes. However, if they are bringing back the full Start Menu in Windows 9, then there will be no need for the Charms bar any more.

The new Charms bar and Start Screen do not seem user-friendly to traditional users at all. When they first received their new laptops, many users even contacted experts over the Windows support number saying there was some error in their new OS, and that they could not find the Start Menu.

Smartphone Versions

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Microsoft expected users to get used to the new changes and reluctantly introduced a Start button instead of the full Start Menu in their Windows 8.1 Update. Yet this did not placate the desktop user community either.

Microsoft was wrong in attempting to combine both desktop and touch screen operating systems. These two operating systems are used for different purposes and the needs of users on different devices vary. Thus, the poor sale of Windows 8 led Microsoft to a rethink their strategies.

From the next OS onwards, users can expect to see different versions for different devices. This means that the fully functional Start Menu will be available on the desktop OS versions, where it belongs. At least, that is what it looks like in the leaked screenshots of the next Windows OS. You can connect with experts over the Windows support number for any queries about the next Windows OS, or just wait and watch.

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Changing The System Properties Logo In A Windows XP Computer

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Windows XP is an operating system coming from Microsoft that has actually revolutionized the look and feel of traditional Windows operating systems. In Windows XP, you will be able to change the System Properties logo without any difficulty. Well, given below are some easy instructions given by the Windows support number team to change the System Properties logo in a Windows XP computer.


  1. Start your Windows XP computer. Now, you will see a shortcut icon for My Computer in the Windows XP computer desktop. Right click on it and from the options available, you need to choose the one that is labeled Properties. This will help you to see the current logo.
  2. Now by using photo editor software like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, you need to create your own custom logo. For the background of your logo, you need to use the same grey shade seen in the Properties dialog box i.e. 192, 192, 192. Generally, the recommended size for your logo is 80 by 120 pixels. Once it is completed, you need to save the new logo that is created in to your computer as .bmp graphic file.
  3. Next, you need to copy the newly created file to the location c:\windows\system32 and give a new name to the newly created graphic file as something like oemlogo.bmp.
  4. For your contact information, you need to make a new text file with Notepad. Save this file as oeminfo.ini to the location c:\windows\systems32.
  5. Now, you need to type the contact information that is given below,
  • Manufacturer- name of the company or manufacturer
  • Model- you need to enter your name
  • Support Information- Enter the following support information.

Line 1- it can be any information that you want to display

Line 2- support Information

Microsoft Tech Support

          Windows Support For XP

Line 3- “”

Line 4- asdfjkl

Line 5- name of the company

Lines 6 and 7- your address

Line 8- your phone number

Line 9- your fax number

Line 10- “”

Line 11- “”

Line 12-

  1. Next, you need to save the information that you have entered. Now, when you open the Properties dialog box, you will be able to see your new custom logo and contact information.


You will be able to find the system32 folder by navigating to the Start menu and then clicking Run. Now, type cmd in to the appropriate field and click the OK button. Next, type set system in the dos command prompt and to locate your system directory, you need to look for the line that has SystemRoot.

These instructions from the Windows support number team will help you to change the System Properties logo in a Windows XP computer. To know further regarding this, contact our Microsoft tech support team.

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Windows Developer Program For IoT To Rollout Gradually

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In the recent Build conference held last month, Microsoft demonstrated one of their most coveted researches. They showcased a version of the Windows running on an Intel Galileo board that was equipped with the Quark CPU and some other hardware device interfaces. The company had even opened a sign-up page for developers that will help them to get developer kits and developer preview programs. According to the news we get from Windows support number technicians, the company is all set to roll out hundreds of kits each week.

With this many developer kits releasing each week, you will be amazed to know how many developer kits are released over a year. This means that Microsoft will be having lots of developers for their new program. From what they have posted in their official post, we could know that they are equally pleased with the success of the Windows Developer Program for IoT. With the sales number of developer kits increasing on a day to day basis, Microsoft is excited to see how the response from users and critics will be.

One of the Windows support number staff commented on the new development saying, “I’m pleased to share that we’ve begun rolling out a new Windows Developer Program for IoT. Through this program, we are introducing a new Windows Developer for IoT Portal, with documentation and examples to support the developer kits we are starting to ship in small batches. These developer kits include a Galileo board and preview Windows image that supports the standard Arduino Wiring API set and a subset of Win32 API. This Windows image does not yet support Galileo boards outside of our program.”

Developer Preview Programs

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With IoT, Microsoft plans to introduce Windows platform to newer and smaller devices. It is heard that the company is planning to add more templates and guidelines to the developer portal in the near future. Since there is a large amount of increase in people who sign up for IoT, Microsoft says that they will not be able to ship the products to everyone signed up for the program. However the company has made it clear that they will be sharing new resources and updates with all app program participants who have signed up, whether they have received the developer kit or not.

With the amount of interest they have, it is for sure that Microsoft will be adding more to the Windows for IoT in the coming months.

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