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A Warning From Cyber Security For Windows Server 2003 Users

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The cyber security has issued a warning for people working on Windows Server 2003. The sleuths ask the users to either apply proper security solutions in order to safeguard the system or upgrade to the latest version to enjoy the benefits of better functionalities. The cyber security personnel are concerned over the future of continuing on Windows Server 2003, as the support for the same is about to end in the year 2015. Get to know more on this from the Windows Support Number; call up one of the support technician to get more information about end of support and upgrading.

Microsoft made an announcement at one of the conferences lately stating that the updates and the security patches for Windows Server 2003 will no longer be available. Microsoft added that they have planned to put an end to Windows tech support for Windows Server 2003 from July 14 2015. Post the end of support, the server will be positively vulnerable to hacks and malicious attacks by intruders. Risk of continuing with Server 2003 is applicable in both intellectual property and business data.

Since people now know that the support is ending soon, it is high time for people to get help from tech service providers. Plenty of tech service providers and software vendors will be able to offer assistance for all wanting to upgrade their server. Most of the technical experts advise people wanting to move from Windows Server 2003 to use a supporting OS or a cloud based system.

However, the technical experts promised to have the users updated on this regard. They will be giving out more information on upgrading the operating system for a time, until it reaches complete shutdown of services next year. Many more people are yet to make a move from the old operating system.

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Windows Server 2003, which was introduced eleven years back, was backed by a major update in the year 2007. Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2003 was the second update. Server 2000 was the predecessor to Windows 2003, which came out first post the Windows NT servers. Meanwhile the latest version of Windows Server is 2012 R2 operating system.

When we think about end of support, it is yet again an extra expense in the form of a new server. as a result of the end of support, starting from the mid of this month, people running on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 faced issues in connecting to the internet network. You can call up the Windows Support Number to get help in this regard.

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Staying On With Windows XP Or Windows Server 2003

Windows OS Virtualization

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Uncertainty regarding software compatibility is one of the most common issues companies find with migrating from Windows XP. Being able to run legacy apps is still a big deal. Enterprises right now have to deal with the concern of upgrading their server OS, because Microsoft will be cutting off Windows Server 2003 soon.

The company issued a deadline for migration to other platforms, such as the newer Windows Server 2012. Many organizations are busy laying out plans for the move, and they now have help in the form of FarStone software. A new application from these guys lets you make Virtual environments of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, which can be run in the native Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2012 OS.

Called VirtualXP, this software works by turning the current XP and Windows 2003 machines into virtual disks. These can then be mounted and run using the virtualization software on an OS which will not have the same vulnerabilities as the ones being used currently.

You probably know that XP is no longer getting updates from the parent company, making it a security cesspit as far as enterprises are concerned. Something like VirtualXP can even up the odds a bit, by letting you have a different host environment while still accommodating legacy apps.

VirtualXP is available only for non-commercial use right now, with the free edition only supporting XP conversions. If you dish out $30 and get the business version, then you’ll also be able to run Windows Server 2003. This is a win-win for enterprises which aren’t ready to move away from a favorable platform setup. The paid version also brings in other features which the free software doesn’t contain, such as, including free email and phone support.

VirtualXP For Windows

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Remember that if you’re going to keep using XP, no official support can be had if you hit a snag. Where this OS is concerned, there is no longer a Windows support number to call. The only way to get out of the problem you encounter, is by availing third party support options.

The lack of a dedicated Windows support number isn’t the only thing that continued users of this OS have to deal with. There’s a Windows bug on the scene, discovered only recently. Microsoft has released the relevant patch only for OSs newer than XP, so there’s also the consequent vulnerability to keep in mind.

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Registry Hack For XP Keeps Updates Rolling

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In the month of April 2014, Microsoft stopped the official support for the Windows XP operating system. End of support means that, no more official updates for the operating system; and the computers that are still using the Windows XP operating system will be open to attacks from hackers. But, some of the experts in computer programming have come up with a registry hack that will allow users to download and install the latest updates on the XP computer.

As per the reports of ZDNet, the hack fools Microsoft to think that the computer is powered by Windows Embedded POSReady 2009. This is nothing but a variant of Windows XP and this variant is used in cash registers and ATMs. Support for the ATM versions has not ended and these will be getting the security updates till 2019. This is the reason why the XP computers with the hack are getting the updates. It is very simple to apply this hack. The users just need to make a text file with,

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



After making the file, you will need to change the file extension from .txt to .reg. This step is very important and you should not forget to do this. You can now open Windows Update and you will be astonished to see many new security updates for you to download and install.  The downside of this hack is that it works only for the 32 bit version of Windows XP. But the users of 64-bit Windows XP need not be disheartened. There is a workaround for the 64-bit computers. This is nothing but downloading the updates manually and then tweaking the updates so that the installation of the updates is not blocked by Microsoft.

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This registry hack does not cause any issues, but this shall not offer the same level of protection as using a supported operating system. Microsoft is not amused on this news. This was confirmed after contacting Windows support number “The security updates that could be installed are intended for Windows Embedded and Windows Server 2003 customers and do not fully protect Windows XP customers,” the company said in a statement to ZDNet.

“Windows XP customers also run a significant risk of functionality issues with their machines if they install these updates, as they are not tested against Windows XP.” To know more about this news, you may contact the Windows support number.

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How To Change The Security Settings Of Your Windows OS

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Majority of the computers around the world run on the operating systems from Microsoft. According to reliable reports, the share of Windows operating systems is about 90 percent. Now, there are many reasons for the popularity of these operating systems. It has a simple graphical interface and supports most of the hardware components in the world.

Now, since the majority of computers run on Windows operating systems, it has also been a major target of hackers. Numerous threats are faced by Windows computers. However, Microsoft has incorporated various security features in its operating systems. In this post, we will take you through these security features in detail.

Windows Firewall

According to the technician at the Windows support number, the firewall of the operating system helps you to filter and restrict the entry and exit of programs through the network to your computer. In order to select this option, choose the Start menu and click Control Panel. Select the option Windows Security. If you are a Windows XP user, choose the option Security Center in the Control Panel window. Choose the option Windows Firewall and this will help you to change the settings of the program. You can decide on which all programs need to be allowed to gain access through the network.

Internet Options

Internet browsers can bring in many threats to the computer. However, the Internet Explorer program is designed to stop various threats. All you need to do is change the security settings in the program. For this, launch Internet Explorer and choose the option Tools. Select Internet Options. Go to the tab Security in the Internet Properties window. You can set the security to Custom level or Default Level.

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If you choose the security to Default Level, the settings will be as set by the program. However, if you wish to enhance the security and restrict the access to some particular websites, choose the option Custom level. This will open the window for Security Settings, where you will find numerous security settings, which you can select as per your requirements.

Automatic updates

In order to avoid the security threats, it is advisable to update the computer regularly. For this, visit the Windows Update page regularly. You can also access the update center from the control panel of your operating system. The program will check if there are any updates pending and install the same on your computer.

If you require any additional help on Windows security, you may contact the Windows support number for assistance or contact our technical support team.

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Connecting An Xbox 360 Wireless Controller To Your PC

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Ever have to sit and wait for your favorite PC gaming title to be released on Xbox? Many gamers have faced this problem. There’s no sense to letting this hold you back, because if controller-based gaming is what you’re looking for, it can be had on your Windows computer too. As long as you computer has Windows XP SP 2 or later running on it, you can use your Xbox 360′s controller to play games on the PC.

Didn’t know this before? You can use up to 4 different controllers on your PC and play games in the same way you would on the console. You can even use your headset with the controller. This is supported for all games that run on your computer. Once you set this up, there’s going to be no more settling, where your gaming activities are concerned.

For setting up the controller on your PC, follow the instructions given below. If you find any of it confusing or hard to follow, call our Windows support number and we’ll help you out.

  • Plug the end of the Xbox 360 wireless receiver into the USB port on your computer. When it’s plugged in properly, the light on it will start to flash.
  • Install the software for the receiver. Hit the Install the software automatically button when the Add New Hardware Wizard comes up, and follow the instructions till the installation is complete. Hit Finish.
  • Some computers won’t install the software for you, so you’ll have to initiate from using the disk you got with the controller. Run the setup wizard and follow the instruction shown on the screen. Hit Finish at the end of it.

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  • Switch on the controller that you want to set up in your computer. Find the Connect button in the middle, the one with the Xbox symbol on it. Find the same button on the controller receiver, and press the buttons together. The two will start connecting, and when it’s over, the flashing lights on both will turn off.

You’ve successfully connected the Xbox 360 wireless controller to your PC, and it’s now ready to start gaming with. Make sure to follow these instructions to the letter. If you face problems while setting this up, or if you have Windows PC related issues you need technical support with, call our Windows support number and we’ll help you out with the issue.


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