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Running QuickBooks Software On Your Windows System

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Windows operating systems are very good platforms for the office environment. If you run into any problems, you can always call the Windows support number for tech support. You can use the Office applications from Microsoft or install any third party application like QuickBooks in the OS.

When using QuickBooks in your system

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software from Intuit. It comes packed with many useful features designed for accounting in small, medium and big enterprises. There are many different versions available, which you can purchase according to your requirements. There is even an online version of the accounting software available for purchase.

QuickBooks can be installed on your Windows OS systems easily without any problems. However, make sure that the version you are using is indeed compatible with the OS. Two of the most popular QuickBooks versions are QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10 and QuickBooks 2010 version. They would run smoothly on most of the Windows OS versions in use today.

As far as QuickBooks 2010 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10 versions are concerned, the supported Windows operating systems are Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Since these versions were released in 2010, they are not compatible with the latest Windows 8 operating system. Also, the same applies to Windows Home Server editions.

Windows Home Server

          QuickBooks For Windows OS

Basic systems requirements include at least 512 MB RAM if many people are accessing the same program. You need to have minimum 1.5 hard disk space for storing all the documents and files that will be generated in the accounting software. Also, keep in mind that a few other programs like Google Desktop Search and Microsoft .Net 3.5 Runtime will be running in the background to facilitate the operations of QuickBooks program and you need to have a minimum of 232 MB or 1 GB free space in the primary system partition for the smooth running of these programs.

When using the program in your organisation network, make sure that you are using a 100 mbps network card and router, giving you at least 40 mbps bandwidth. This will ensure the smooth functioning of the program for each user connected to the network. You will also find that QuickBooks works fine with all the other Windows applications like MS Word or Outlook.

If you have taken care of all these, you are not likely to see any errors or performance issues. If you do, get in touch with us through our Windows support number.

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No More Official Support For Windows XP, Yet Millions Stick To It

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There would be very few Windows users who would not be aware of the fact that Windows XP has been removed from the list of Microsoft supported products. Actually, this news is no more new because this happened over six months ago. Though this is the fact, not many Windows XP users seem to be serious enough about migrating to newer systems.

Windows XP had a great long life. It reigned supremely in the cyberspace for 13 long years. Only when Windows 7 came into existence, the old OS lose the title of being the most popular desktop operating system. Actually, the popularity has not reduced to the extent most experts would have expected. Windows XP is still the second most popular OS in the world, second to Windows 7, but far more popular than Windows 8 and 8.1 combined.

The end of Windows XP support means that there is no use calling the Windows support number anymore, when you are stuck with some issues in your XP computer. Windows XP users will not be receiving any of the important security patches, feature updates, or other technical and non-technical assistance from the company, either paid or for free. This means the old operating system is dead for all intents and purposes. Then why so many people are interested in using the OS, defies common sense and logic!

Windows XP Support

                Microsoft Windows

In point of fact, things do not seem too unreasonable when we analyze it properly. Windows XP lived so long for a reason. It was simply one of the best operating systems, which supported millions of applications and software programs. Moreover, many people were too much familiarized with Windows XP and its features, and moving to a new OS meant going through the learning period all over again.

Moreover, Windows Vista was a horrific nightmare. There were too many issues with the OS; so many that not many users found it necessary to move on to it leaving Windows XP. This further increased the popularity of Windows XP.

Agreed, there can be some strong reasons for not moving on to newer operating systems, but you need to remember that no official support means that there is no use calling Windows support number, no technical assistance available, and no security patches. Your system will be constantly under treat from all kinds of malware programs. So, moving on is the last resort, if you want to keep your system protected.

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Reports Find That Many Small And Medium Businesses Still Depend On Windows XP

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After the end of support for Windows XP operating system, Microsoft has been warning the users of this outdated operating system to upgrade to any of the newer operating systems from the company. However, it seems that many of the small and midsized businesses have not taken this warning seriously. This is because the latest survey from the antivirus security firm BitDefender shows that one in five of these businesses still run their operations with this outdated system.

Bitdefender conducted survey on more than 5,000 companies, which work on various sectors like healthcare, retail and education. Among the companies that participated in the survey, 53 percent had upgraded to a newer operating system. Majority of them used Windows 7 while a small section used Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Home.

According to experts, the situation has become very dangerous and these businesses could be in serious trouble as the risks of using an outdated operating system goes up with each passing day. Keep in mind that there are no more security updates for the operating system from Microsoft and this means, these systems could come under numerous attacks in the coming weeks or months. For instance, Bitdefender found that the website of one of the companies that do web marketing business experienced 800 million virus attacks after the end of support date from Microsoft.

Windows 8.1

                Windows Os Upgrade

The chief security strategist of Bitdefender, Catalin Sosoi says, “A few weeks after the end of support announcement, a new Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability turned into a permanent threat for XP users. That was until Microsoft issued a patch that was made available for Windows XP users as well. However, this was an exception that shouldn’t make enterprises believe it will happen again, so the swift migration from XP is a must for all users.”

In addition to businesses, many of the bank ATMs still run on this outdated operating system. However, majority of the banks have started to upgrade the ATM operating systems within newer ones. However, as time passes, the dangers of using the operating system increase. Therefore, if you are still running Windows XP, try upgrading to any of the newer operating systems.

According to the technician at the Windows Support number, there are various options for the users. They can upgrade their Windows XP OS to Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 now. For further assistance on this issue, you may call Windows support number or call our technical support team.

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Knowing About The Windows Zip File Size Limits

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ZIP can be termed as an archive file format that helps in supporting compressed data. Such a ZIP file can comprise of one or more folders of files that have been compressed. Once you compact the information in this way, it becomes much easier to save the disk space without the need to delete the information. Some of the latest Windows OS versions use ZIP64 format for compressing the files.

Well, if you are using a Windows system, you need to know about certain Windows ZIP file size limits to know how to store the data. For any issues related to the compressing of files in ZIP format in Windows systems, you can dial the Windows support number anytime to get the best assistance.

Number of stored files

A ZIP file usually stores up to 65,535 files and while you attempt to add large numbers to a ZIP archive, it may take up a lot of system memory during the process. Always make sure that you add the files in groups while compressing the multiple files into one archive. This will enable your computer to release the memory and make it available for other tasks that you’d be doing in your system.

Checking file sizes

Windows ZIP File Size

                Windows OS Issues

The file that you compress into the ZIP format may be upto 2^32 – 1 bytes, before you add it to a ZIP archive. The number of files along with the issues in memory management is also one of the main issues associated with the ZIP file format that forces the users to dial up the Windows support number for assistance. You can attempt to add large files to an archive in parts so that your system doesn’t hang up.

Segmented archive

A segmented archive can be defined as a ZIP archive that is broken into multiple files and thus enables the users to store different parts of the completed archive in various locations. This is made by spanning or splitting the segments. In case of spanning archive segments, one needs to make sure that each segment doesn’t exceed 999 bytes. Even though the split archive functions almost similarly, the segments need to be contained in the same directory if the user wants to decompress the files that have been archived.

These are some of the aspects that you need to consider while compressing you data into ZIP format. For more information on the same, you may contact our technical support team.

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About The Windows 7 Security Center Features

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       About Windows Security Options

One of the useful features that Microsoft included in Windows 7 is the Security Center. Using this utility, you can easily fix many of the security issues in the OS without having to dial the Windows support number or get in touch with any tech support personnel. However, some average users might not be familiar with these options.

What the Security Center feature in Windows 7 is all about

Security Center is simply an OS tool, from which you can access all the different security options and settings. You have to agree that grouping all these options under one tool makes things very convenient.

This is not a brand new tool at all. You will find the same old OS security options like Firewall, Automatic Updates, etc located here. You can change the settings here to increase or decrease the Firewall currently enjoyed by your PC. If you keep the Firewall settings too high, it might block many of the applications from accessing internet. If you keep it too low, then your system will not be properly protected from intrusions and hacking attacks. It is better to keep it in the medium level and then, add the blocked applications to the Exempted Programs list.

Microsoft has classified the Automatic Updates option as a security feature, since keeping the OS up-to-date is the easiest ways to secure your OS. Turn this option On if you have a high-speed internet connection. Otherwise, the updates downloading in the background may slow down your overall internet speed.

Your system’s Internet Security settings can also be accessed from here. However, these settings only apply to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. If you are using any other browser application, then you have to make the changes in the browser settings itself.

Malware Protection

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Microsoft has included a Malware protection tool, Windows Defender, in Windows 7 and you can tweak the settings of this tool from the Security Center. The antivirus application, you have installed, will also be shown here and its security settings will be rated to access the risk levels. For example, if you have not updated the virus definitions for a while, then this will be shown as a warning with that section marked in red.

There will also be a More Security Settings option here, which you use to access all the other security options in OS like the User Account controls, Network Access protection, etc. Call our Windows support number, if you have any queries about this.

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