Is Omni Tech Support a Scam?

Our team at Windows Support Number has been getting help from some

Omni Tech Support

Omni Tech Support

online┬átech support companies for certain, but some that we’ve come across have been reported as scam┬ácompanies, which we have put into our black list. The best Tech Support we came across though for majority of our issues was We did a test with some of our team members here for different tech support companies, and here is what Steve ( one of our writers) had to say about Omni Tech Support.

Omni Tech Support review from Steven

I would say I do know quite a few things about computers. But every now and then comes a problem that puts even the most dedicated of computer geeks in a fix. Now just recently I had this new software to boost up my computer speed installed on my computer. It worked out fine for the first 2 days then started the errors and problems. I tried my hand at possibly all the troubleshooting techniques I knew but to no avail.

It was then I called the tech people at Omnitech Support for assistance. Justin was the agent on my call and, wow, he did a terrific job at noting down each and every single detail regarding my issue and finally resolving it. Thanks you so much for the help.

From one geek to another.