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Windows support number for replacing the XP Disk serial number

Disk Serial Number or Volume Serial Number is the product key of Microsoft XP operating system. Products key or DSN is the 25-character alphanumeric code given on the installation CD or on the CPU of a preinstalled system. This product key is necessary for the activation of the operating system. If this key is lost before activating the operating system, the user will have to go through quite a bit for getting the operating system functional.

Product key of Windows XP

A product key is an indication that the product is a genuine one. After installation of the operating system, it needs to be activated for the full functionality. Otherwise, the operating system will be working only for a limited period of time, a trial period. The product key ensures both the users and Microsoft about the authenticity of the product and the user.

When you are reinstalling your operating system or installing a new version of the program, the serial number of the operating system is very necessary. Only if the product key is activated online or by calling the Windows support number, the operating system will be considered a genuine copy. Or else it is a pirated version of Windows XP.

Support from Windows support number for finding the product key    

The product key can be normally located from the CD case. It will be an orange or yellow sticker on the installation CD case. It will be on the back cover or on the sleeve of the CD. If the system is a pre-installed one, the Product key will be printed on a sticker and stuck on the system most on the CPU or on the backside of the monitor. This Product key must be used even if the user is doing a re-installation after a system crash or break down.

Sometimes, if the cover of the installation CD or the product key sticker of the preinstalled system is lost irretrievably; the users can get it through other means. The most easy and convenient one is getting the product key replaced by dialing to the Windows support number. Explain the executive the issue and get the product key replaced for a meager fee.

It is always better to keep the installation CD or the product key sticker safely to avoid issues in future.