How To Create PowerPoint Presentation In Windows 7

Windows 7 support, Blank slide

Windows support for PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint allows users to create really interesting and attractive presentations with its user-friendly features and tools set. One can easily invoke pre-defined transitions and effects in their slides without even having to learn any complicated programming. Users of Windows 7 OS based computer avail Windows 7 support in case they run into some sort of trouble while using PowerPoint program on their systems.

Tips to create a PowerPoint presentation in Windows 7

  • Before you start creating the PowerPoint presentation, you need to first create a draft work of what you intend to do. You can do this on a piece of paper which greatly saves time and effort. Once you get an idea on how your presentation should look like, you can start off with your PowerPoint work.
  • Launch the PowerPoint program on your computer. If you are using PowerPoint versions 2007 or 2010, you will get a blank slide by default when you open it. But if you are having an older version like version 2003, a Gallery window will be displayed instead. You need to choose “Blank slide” and click Open”.
  • Onscreen, you can see an option to add the tile and sub titles to your presentation. Click inside the slide to add text or pictures. After finishing with the first slide, you may add extra slides to create a running presentation. In order to add new slides to your presentation, click on “Add Slide” button at the top menu bar.
  •  You can use the “Insert” tab to add audio and video stored in your computer.
  • To make your presentation colorful and catchy, you may add beautiful themes to it. Customize your presentation by adding
    Windows 7 support, Blank slide

    Help and support for Windows 7

    themes, found in the “Design” tab under “Themes”. This is for version 2007 and later. For earlier versions, it will be found under a theme floating menu. If you are not happy with those themes available in your PowerPoint version, you can download more from Microsoft’s PowerPoint website. After selecting a particular theme, click Apply”.

  • After you are done with the entire slides of your presentation, it’s time to save your PowerPoint work. Press “Ctrl + S” to save the work. Alternatively, go to “File > Save As” and enter a file name for your presentation.

PowerPoint presentations can be made really interesting by making use of its different tools and interesting features. Explore more such features and functions and create a wonderful presentation for yourself. Avail Windows 7 support in case you need any further assistance.