Fixing The 800401f3 Error Code Found In The Windows Live Messenger

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Windows Live Messenger, commonly known as MSN messenger, is the most popular instant messaging client in use nowadays. It is one of the most secure instant messaging clients in use. Even though it is one of the safest instant messaging clients in the world, it shows some errors from time to time. The program returns an error code 800401f3 if the system is not able to log in to the Windows Reside Messenger program. This error mainly occurs due to the absence of an internet connection between the Windows Live Messenger program and your system.

The main function of the error code is to let the user know that the Windows Resident Manager is not able to connect to the server. The error code you receive may be of the form as shown here, Error 800401f3: The service is temporarily unavailable. Even though when you see such a big error code, you may feel like it is a grave error, in reality, it is not one. You can fix this error in a matter of minutes if you follow the simple instructions and tips provided below by the Windows support number technicians.

The first and foremost thing you have to check for fixing the issue is to make sure that you have provided the correct login parameters to the respective fields. Then make sure that you do have a sound internet connection and also make sure that the antivirus program you have installed in your system is not blocking the program from gaining internet access. If you satisfy these two conditions and still you are getting the error message, follow the steps given below for fixing the issue by re-installing the program.

Steps to follow

  • Click on the Control Panel tab found in the Start menu folder. In the Control Panel window, click on the Add/Remove Programs link.
  • Look for the option named Windows Reside Messenger and then click on it when found. Now move the cursor to the top of the application window and then click on the Remove button found there to remove the program from the system.

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  • Restart the system and then run the installation wizard for installing the Windows Reside Messenger program by double clicking on the installation file.
  • Follow all the prompts shown by the system and then try to run the program. You will see that you will be able to access the program without any errors.

If you follow all the instructions given above, you will be able to fix the appearance of the error code 800401f3 in Windows Live Messenger. If you are still getting the error message, feel free to contact the Windows support number for getting further support.

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