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When establishing a LAN connection in Windows XP, you would sometimes have experienced errors and failed to establish a proper connection bridge. This is likely because of the firewall settings of the computer or because of a mismatch in port numbers.

Errors in setting up the LAN connection

To establish a Local Area Network you have to check the network settings of the system as well as the firewall settings. Check whether the concerning files are marked ‘protected’ or ‘shared’ in the system. The protected files or those files which are private will not be accessible through the network and you will have to thereafter enable the sharing of the files to establish a connection.

Sometimes you have to make some changes in the firewall settings to allow for the transmission of the messages to and from the system with the network. This can be done easily if you are using the default firewall from Windows. In case of a third party firewall, uninstall it or contact the Windows support number for help.

Setting up ports for the connection

If the error is with the port numbers, try setting up a new port number for the connection bridge by following these steps.

  • Go to My Network Places directory from the Start Menu. There you would find a list of network related tasks under ‘Network Tasks’. Open the Network Settings wizard from there.

    LAN connection in Windows XP

               contact Windows phone support

  • In the wizard go the Local Area Network menu and select the properties for the option ‘1394’ for wireless connection. The 1394 connection refers to the IEEE network interface standard for establishing connection bridges. Now in the general properties open the advanced settings for authentication. There you would find the firewall settings. If the option is not there, then it indicates that the ports have been set.
  • If not go back to the advanced settings menu and select the Add option in the network settings wizard. Here you have to give a name for the connection bridge. Give a name that indicates the purpose for which the connection is being set up. Give the IP address as Give the same number for the external as well as the internal ports. Select a protocol to be used for the transmission: either the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or the UDP (User Datagram Protocol). These are some of the standard protocols used for network data transmissions.

If even after making all these changes you still cannot establish a LAN connection in Windows XP OS, get technical help by calling the Windows support number. You could also try the various online forums to troubleshoot the issue.