Activate Windows XP Home via Phone without calling on the Windows Support Number

Microsoft’s popular line of Windows and its operating systems beginning with Windows XP has introduced several methods of activating the software after its initial purchase. And in recollecting the methods you may have employed in activating your copy of the same, telephonic activation is most notable.

Now since the software giant uses various call centers throughout the world in dealing with the same type of activations within predefined geographical areas, Microsoft also includes a utility within the operating system that can provide you with the phone number to the closest call center so that you may proceed with your activation without any interference.

So in getting on with our article and the task at hand, we now take a look at a few simple steps as suggested by Microsoft in activating your copy of Windows XP Home via your phone without having to call on the Windows Support Number for assistance.

Here is how.

Activating Windows XP Home via Phone without calling on the Windows Support Number

To begin with Microsoft and its steps in activating Windows XP Home on your system, you will first need to turn on your computer and log into your Windows XP operating system.

After which, head to your Windows “Start” menu on the lower left corner of your Windows taskbar and from the dialog box that pops up, click on “All Programs”. Followed by selecting “Accessories” and displaying the list of accessory programs already installed on your Windows XP system.

Click on “System Tools” from under accessories and select “Activate Windows” then wait for the Windows Activation screen to appear.

Microsoft then suggests you choose the option to activate the operating system via your telephone. A terms of service agreement will display on your screen. Make sure to read this agreement properly and then hit on the “Back” button. Once you have returned back to the previous screen, click on “Next” to proceed further.

Next up, follow the steps as provided in the “Activate Windows by Phone” dialog box. This will in turn provide you with a phone number to call on. So have your Windows XP license number ready before calling for you will need to provide it to the technician on the other end of the call.

Finally click on “Ok” as you receive a message on your screen that prompts you saying that Windows XP Home has been successfully activated for your computer. And in following the same steps, you will have saved your own time and money without having called for assistance on the Windows Support Number.