Vista tech support? Here’s the Windows support number

windows support number

vista tech support

After giving the world some of the best tech products and services, Microsoft went terribly wrong with Windows Vista. After the great success of XP, Vista was expected to deliver better. Everything went down the drain when users and critics dubbed it as junk. Not only did it not serve its main aim of providing enhanced security and privacy, it also bought along with it a whole different set of problems.

Microsoft quickly sensed the urgency for Vista tech support and did all it could to save itself from the shame. Thus was born the Windows support number for Vista problems. Getting support for your system issues through Windows support number is a hot favorite among many. So for all those looking for quick support for your Vista problems, you have come to the right place.

Windows support number: Contacting the Microsoft

Having trouble with internet access or upgrading? Then Windows support number just might make your day. Just go to Vista website and find Windows support number.

Once you log on to ‘’, look for the ‘Help & How-to’ tab and hit ‘Vista’ under it. Now expand on the link ‘Contact Support’ in the ‘Windows Vista Help & How-to’ page.

Now if you want Windows support number for Vista issues, select ‘Windows Vista’ link under ‘Contact Support.’ Ensure that you enter your right version and the support topic from the list provided and continue.

Windows support number can be expensive if you don’t enter your product’s identification number. You don’t want that right? Once you’re done with that, hit ‘Call Microsoft’. Once you continue, you will see the price for the service on the screen.

Windows support number or use your Live ID

You only have to sign into your Windows Live ID account to call the support number. If you have entered your product’s identification number, then you be linked to a page for your credit card details. In case you haven’t, you will be directed to a page with a support number to call.

If the process to get that Windows support number is too exhausting for you, here we are to take care of that too. Simply dial 800-936-5700 for technical issues related to Vista and 800-642-7676 for general queries about vista.

Windows support numbers for annoying Vista problems is a lifesaver. Why worry when you know you can just dial the Windows support number? For further tech support, check out Widows Tech Support