Deadline For Windows XP Support Creeping Near

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Microsoft has been the undisputed ruler of the computer arena for more than three decades. It is one of the largest companies in the world that manufactures and develops products and software programs, as well as offers licensing services.

Microsoft launched Windows XP in 2001, which has been serving most of the computer users across the globe since then. Because of its ease of access and user friendly interface, the operating system was heartily welcomed by home users, businesses, as well as educational institutions. Superior application compatibility, enhanced Start menu and Taskbar, as well as the kernel and power management improvements, attracted users much more towards Windows XP. The brand name Windows XP, a short form of eXPerience, highlighted its advanced user experience for computer users very well.

Nonetheless, Windows XP users faced many common issues in the operating system at regular intervals. To meet with the issues, Microsoft offered adequate technical assistance via Windows support number and help center, which eased the grievances of Windows XP users. Microsoft also launched regular patches and updates to ensure that Windows XP operating platform runs without any complications and offers the best performance to users. Microsoft’s line of online offices and help centers achieved their aim to provide ample support to Windows XP users quite soundly for the past decade.

Windows XP help and support teams provided necessary information to resolve the problems related to the operating platform. In addition to that, the support centers also dealt with the issues in any Microsoft software, programs, virus attacks, and system malfunction. Troubleshooting issues in the Outlook application, or scanning the system for any malware attack, all could be done with the help of Microsoft support center.

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However, in a recent conference, Microsoft reaffirmed that its technical support for Windows XP would end by second quarter next year, and has urged Windows XP users to move on to a newer operating platform. Microsoft has already moved the Windows XP tech support to extended support, and would suspend issuing security and non-security updates, hotfixes, and patches for the operating platform soon. Apart from that, Windows XP users would not get any sort of help on the operating system issues using the Windows support number.

The web analytics data generated by Net Applications statistics show that Windows XP market share has declined sharply, reaching around 33% in August 2013, and is continually falling. The news might not seem healthy for many conventional users who fumble with the latest operating systems, but they have no choice left to opt for than upgrading their computers to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.